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VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems offer many benefits compared to traditional digital business phone systems, including cost savings, productivity improving features and applications, and easier administration. �With the advent of high speed data networks (both LAN and WAN) and increased computing capacity, VoIP phone systems have effectively rendered digital systems obsolete.

VoIP systems also offer a low total cost of ownership due to savings on phone calls, longer system life span, and significantly lower cost of system administration.� The biggest advantage, however, is the business enhancing functionality VoIP phone systems can provide, such as PC soft phones, integration with your business email system, mobile phone integration, built-in conference bridge, and advanced call center capabilities.

And with most VoIP solutions, businesses no longer have to be “locked in” to proprietary hardware. Nearly every company has experienced the problem of being required to buy only those phones manufactured by your phone system vendor, or having to pay exorbitant fees for proprietary voicemail servers. Today, most VoIP vendors offer their customers the ability to choose from many different telephone handsets and offer standard server hardware. Plus, moves, adds and changes can be performed by your own IT staff, without the need to pay for expensive service calls.