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IP Call Centers

The core component of every Call Center solution is an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), which is responsible for routing the call to the person best available to handle that particular call.� Good call center solutions offer flexible call routing rules based on such criteria as caller ID, number dialed, calling customer ID, or based on a selection from the auto attendant. ��Historically, however, call center implementations have been limited to larger organizations and teleservice outsourcers, due to cost and complexity of traditional call center solutions.� �

Today, software-based IP call center applications make these capabilities affordable for all type of organizations, whether large or small, or with formal or informal call center requirements.� Nearly all companies have one or more departments that would benefit from call center technologies, including customer service and support, telemarketing,help desks, and sales support.� Having the ability to automate call routing, record calls, interface with the CRM application, monitor agent performance, and report on all activity provides a true competitive business advantage.����

Call center agents receiving the calls gain a rich set of flexible, easy-to-use features that minimize response time and ensure effective problem resolution.� Call Center supervisors benefit from intuitive control and monitoring of the center's interactions, call flows and reporting activities.����